10 Bags Supertherm 40kg


Product Description

A larger sized ovoid manufactured with up to 30% renewable materials.

Expect a similar performance to Supertherm, but with even better eco-credentials and the potential for reduced carbon tax in the near future. Supertherm30 has been shown to produce up to 80% less smoke and 25% less carbon dioxide than house coal.

  • 30% renewable materials
  • Produces 20% less CO2
  • Produces 80% less smoke
  • Consistent in size and quality
  • Long burning time
  • Can be banked in overnight
  • Generates a high heat
  • Ideal for Open Fires & Glass Fronted Stoves
  • Available in 40kg bags

Produces 20% less CO2Produces 80% less smokeConsistent in size and qualityLong burning timeCan be banked in overnightGenerates a high heatIdeal for Open Fires & Glass Fronted StovesAvailable in 40kg bags

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