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Phurnacite Smokeless Coal is part of the fantastic ‘Homefire’ range of smokeless coal, Phurnacite is a high performance smokeless fuel which is designed for use on closed appliances such as glass fronted stoves, room heaters, cookers, and boilers.

Phurnacite smokeless fuel provides a long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat output that will last for up to 18 hours. Phurnacite produces up to 80% less smoke than house coal while still delivering an unbeatable performance.

  • High performance smokeless fuel for closed appliances
  • Slow burning with outstanding slumbering times
  • Strong heat output for up to 18 hours
  • Ideal for room heaters, boilers, cookers, and glass fronted stoves
  • Suitable for use in smoke free zones
  • Available in 40kg

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